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nature advocacy

I am currently running an organization called SideOut. SideOut aims to improve to the health of humans and the environment by growing the connection humans have to nature. Our approach is multi-faceted: physically integrating nature into locational experience, while teaching populations to interact with the nature around us. On the physical level, we conserve, re-generate, and integrate nature into modern spaces. On a psychological level, we teach modern populations to interact with the natural world through outdoor education, nature-based mindfulness, and storytelling.

Our first projects include:

1. Helping create a worldwide campaign funded by WWF UK, Youth For Our Planet,  to mobilize youth action for the environment ahead of and during 2020. The campaign is designed to show that youth around the world are leading the way to take action for the environment.

2. Creating an eco-tourism program with a Shiwiar Amazonian community to help them maintain their land and way of life, from petroleum company acquisition, while giving tourists exposure to lifestyles that have a more intimate relationship with nature.  This is the first of many indigenous communities we will be working with.

3. Teaching-based mindfulness to schools and corporations. We are building out a template and teacher training to offer this nationwide.  

4. Offering workshops and webinars, on storytelling derived from natural experience to environmental organizations. Our first webinars are to be given to CoalitionWild, Team54 Project, and Youth For Our Planet.

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I have taught and given workshops across three continents and in over ten states. I currently teach individuals and group workshops incorporating mindfulness and nature-based practice, to help participants forge new relationships with themselves and the natural world.



I speak to schools and corporations coordinating content and delivering presentations.

My previous talks have included topics on, but are not limited to:

  • Wellness

  • Storytelling

  • Traveling

  • Entrepreneurship


Audio and Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JSiyeytg5c&feature=youtu.be This is a project I worked on to be a youth delegate at the UN Climate Talks in Poland. The video talks about why tuning our attention to the natural world is critical to work through our current ecological crisis. It was made by the incredible duo of Valentin Burkhardt & Ella Estrella Tischa. Find more about their work by contacting Valentin via Instagram, @self_displaij, or connecting with him through email at Burkhardtfilm@gmail.com

Additionally, I have been interviewed on a number of podcasts. You can find the audio and/or video of those here:

Men On Purpose Podcast. https://www.emeraldgreenforest.com/single-post/Scott-Haber-ep-76

Wild Voices Project. https://wildvoicesproject.org/2019/02/09/wild-voices-healing-ourselves-through-a-balanced-relationship-with-nature-scott-haber/

(R)Evolution Podcast. ~ Interview Coming Soon!

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