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BOOK SYNOPSIS: "How The Modern World Creates Unwellness and What We Can Do About It”

In addition to running the organization, SideOut, I am writing a book that I have been researching since September 2016. With the book, my intentions are not to criticize modern society, rather to inspire people to forge a deeper relation with the the living earth, by contextualizing our psychological hardships relative to cultures who still maintain an intimate relation with the natural world. In this post you can find a working synopsis.  

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Privilege of The Privileged

If you have eyes to read, the mind to comprehend, you are fortunate with good health. If you live in the socioeconomic circumstance and have the ability to chose your own path (as I have), you are privileged. And of course to embark on this fellowship I am beyond privileged.

But here, I want to delve deeper into a more implicit layer of privilege.

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